Sahara Sailor Camping Lantern Bug Zapper


Sahara Sailor Camping Lantern Bug Zapper, 3 in 1 Stretchable Led Lantern Camping Light – 5 Modes Brightness Camping Lamp- Rechargeable Lantern- Ideal Camping Accessories


  • ELECTRIC BUG ZAPPER LANTERN-This efficient mosquito killer lantern has a zapper function that utilizes 360nm-400nm ultraviolet light bulbs. The bug zapper lantern effectively clears a 16ft. by 16ft. area, providing you with a mosquito-free zone!
  • 3 IN 1 CAMPING LANTERN-This mosquito zapper has 4 lighting options: The low setting gives off 20% of the lantern’s light. The middle level gives off 50% of the lantern’s light and there’s also a high setting that gives off 100% of the lantern’s light. However, the mosquito zapper setting is probably the best setting on this lamp! The lantern measures 5in. tall x 2.3in. wide, so it’s perfectly compact and easy to transport.
  • RECHARGEABLE LANTERN & LONGER LASTING-This Mosquito Killer Lantern is a MUST HAVE item when camping out. The lantern comes with a USB rechargeable battery, which means you can plug it right into your computer, a USB wall charger. Three mode settings let you adjust it down to provide a dim nightlight or to conserve battery life – the lantern’s bug zapper mode can last up to 30 hours.
  • IDEAL CAMPING ACCESSORIES-A combination of camping lantern, mosquito zapper, and power bank. It is a compact and powerful piece of camping gear that will keep you convenient and comfortable during your outdoor camping
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE– This mosquito killer has only 240g and does not need to take up too much space. The concealed hook design allows the mosquito lamp to be placed on a flat surface and hung on a tent or branch.bug zapper_ebc2_1bug zapper_ebc2_2bug zapper_ebc2_3


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