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Love these water bottles. They are pretty and well designed and all that but by far my favorite feature is that they don't condensate. I don't know how they do that. But I can take them right out of the fridge and set them anywhere and they don't leave a ring.
Sarah Williams
I so love this equipment. The versatility is outstanding. I used to bring each piece of gadget whenever we go out to camp. Now i just basically have 1 small bag, which carries almost half of the equipment that I need.
In choosing the feeder that was right for me I researched all the pros and cons of other feeders out there. I chose this one cause of the color combo and was supposed to be leakproof. Happy to report it does not leak at all.
I like that it covers over 900 square feet. That alone made me only need one instead of two. It's bigger than I expected. It has a sturdy structure, made with plastic and steel. The tray underneath is easy to get to and easy to clean.
Ashley Hoyt