Bug Zapper On The Porch

It’s a life-saver! Bug zappers have captured different types of insects at home. When the devices are up and running, they kill all the bugs coming nearby.

It instantly reduces the annoying population of flying insects in your yard. It saves time for you chasing them. There’s no need for lures to attract them.

Electric Grids Of Bug Zappers

Bug zappers use electric grids rather than using potentially harmful pesticides in killing the insects. It’s safe when placed properly in your home or outside the yard. Thus, it protects the whole family from clever insects.

To maintain your bug zapper’s quality, make sure to clean it regularly. We’ve come up with a list of ways how to clean a bug zapper. Do you want more tips? Of course, we additionally listed some tips and suggestions right below.

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Cleaning A Bug Zapper

This could be a fun activity. Although this can be done by a single person, you may ask your spouse to do it with you. It’s one of the house chores that add a bond to your marriage.

There are a couple of things for you to assemble and remember in cleaning devices like a bug zapper. This is also a delicate tool that you want to carefully clean. Continue reading the steps in cleaning a bug zapper.

Preparation Is The Key

1. Prepare The Cleaning Materials Needed

There is nothing more convenient than preparing everything ahead. In cleaning your bug zapper, you have to gather the essential tools that can be found in your house. Here is the list of things you need to ready:

  • Canned air
  • Garbage can and garbage bag
  • Mask
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Toothbrush
  • Vacuum cleaner
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2. Choose A Preferred Area In Cleaning

Practice cleaning outside the house even if you’re using an indoor bug zapper. Choose a spot outside and bring the listed tools needed above. Make sure the weather is fine for your cleaning session.

Safety First

3. Observe Safety Precautions

The mask and gloves listed are intended for your safety. There will be lots of dust and microorganisms that you might inhale in the process because of the dead insect bodies inside the bug zapper.

Always keep in mind to unplug the zapper before proceeding. Carry it outside or at your preferred cleaning spot to start cleaning.

4. Bug Removal Proper

Remove the collection tray first. Then remove the bug bodies, parts, and other debris from the tray. These can be ejected easily from the rest of the unit.

Pour the tray into the trash can. There will still be dead insects or pieces hanging on the tray. Use the toothbrush in clearing the collection tray.

Use the vacuum in removing the remaining debris. To completely clean the collection tray, use canned air. You could also go back to using the vacuum cleaner.

Wipe the collection tray using a damp cloth. Using a paper towel moistened with water is also an option.

Bug zapper manufacturers discourage the use of cleaning solutions. It is advised that you use plain water. However, you may use a moistening cloth with white vinegar if the water still doesn’t work.

5. Reassembling Of Bug Zapper

This is the last step in cleaning the bug zapper. After cleaning and removing the collection tray, you have to reassemble it.

Make sure that it’s dry and no presence of moisture. Then, you can bring it and place it back inside the zapper. Carry it back to its original location. Make sure to plug it in to be all set.

Gather back all your cleaning supplies. Return them to the proper storage. By the time you need them again, they’re just all in one place.

It’s costly to have a bug zapper. That’s why you need to maintain it not to waste any money. People could be so annoyed with the insects at home that they invest in this very helpful tool.

To know it’s well-spent, we want them to serve us for a longer period of time. Cleaning the bug zapper helps prolong its life span.

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Tips In Troubleshooting A Bug Zapper

Bug zappers are very efficient and you can witness their fast results. In just a matter of seconds, the electricity coming inside shocks the bugs.

They need proper maintenance to prolong their life. Even the bug zapper with the highest quality needs to be cleaned regularly.

If you won’t take care of your bug zapper, it will be easily damaged. Thus, you have to face expenses for replacements or repairs.

1. Know When To Clean It – Best bug zappers do their job effectively and capture plenty of insects. Check on it regularly because once it becomes clogged, it can weaken the device. There is a chance it will reduce its efficiency.

Clean it before you it weakens its performance. Inspect the bug zapper on a regular basis. You can set a schedule for this.

2. Do Not Use Soap and Water – Bug zappers are not water-proof. Remember that they are operated with electricity. It will damage the whole device if you use soap and water in cleaning it.

3. Clean It Outside – We also would like to highlight this one. Keep in mind that bugs are disease carriers too. You have to get rid of them outside of your house to keep your family safe.

4. Inspect Necessary Parts Of The Device – Once the light of the bug zapper doesn’t work, inspect its circuit breaker or fuse. The fuse location differs from the model of the bug zapper you are using. If you see the fuse is damaged, replace it with a new one immediately.

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There will be times when the bars of the grid will spark. Don’t let it be that way instead, turn the device off by unplugging it. Then, fine-tune the grids. You may adjust them by aligning the grids back again using an insulated screwdriver.

Do all these with caution since this is electric-related. Refer to the manual of the device as much as possible, especially if it’s your first time troubleshooting a bug zapper.

If the bulb lights up but the grid doesn’t shock any insect for a longer time, inspect the part closely. Make sure it’s turned off. Once you noticed accumulated dirt on the grid, clean it right away.

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Additional Tips

Some bug zapper models have self-cleaning grids. It’s totally awesome and hassle-free! If you’re having a manual one, clean it with compressed air or a toothbrush.

Have you noticed your bulbs not luring any bugs at all? Change them immediately. The light weakens because of its age.

Turn off the bug zapper and replace the bulb. Get rid of the old bulb but be sure to change the bulb retainer.

An indoor bug zapper can help you have a peaceful home. It effectively reduces irritating pests around the house. There are different bug zappers available to choose from.

They offer different features which you should study about. Research first on the best features before buying a bug zapper out from a random conclusion. Be sure it suits your home needs.

Sahara Sailor Bug Zapper

Sahara Sailor Bug Zapper

If you’re looking at a bug zapper with the best features, you may opt-in checking Sahara Sailor Bug Zapper. Here are its top 3 features:

High Voltage – It is highly efficient that doesn’t easily clog. Its impressive killing grid has a high voltage with 3-4 times more powerful than alternative bug zappers. Moreover, it provides reliable and effective bug control may it be indoor or outdoor.

Chemical-Free – This feature benefits your entire family. There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides used in having a bug zapper at home. Your family or pets are totally safe. There is no smoke emitted nor any smell produced. Are you worried about your sleep? It won’t be disturbed. The lamps are eco-friendly and made with strong ABS material.

Weatherproof – It’s safe to use. Their bug zapper is fire-proof and waterproof. It has a hanging hook so you can place it either indoors or outdoor. It’s easy to clean: 1. Remove the debris weekly; 2. Pull out the collection tray and get rid of the insect bodies; 3. Brushing makes it successfully clean.

Sahara Sailor bug zapper is pretty lightweight at only 1.38 kg. It’s size is 12.48 x 7.68 x 6.77 inches. That makes it easy to clean!

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May it be indoor or outdoor, there will always be bugs roaming around. It’s worse when they land on your food while you eat or annoy you when you’re in conversation with someone important.

To get rid of these insects, bug zappers are made available in the market. They are helpful devices that attract and shock insects that come inside of them. There’s no need for a lure or any harmful chemicals because the light of the zapper itself attracts them.

If you invest in having a bug zapper, you have to maintain it so it can serve you longer and better. The best way to prolong it is to clean it regularly.

Cleaning a bug zapper requires careful treatment. You need to prepare the listed cleaning materials as mentioned above. Then, you’re okay to move forward in successfully cleaning a bug zapper.

How To Clean A Bug Zapper

How To Clean A Bug Zapper

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